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Information and Contact

Hi! I'm a teacher at Weehawken HS. This is my 2nd year here at this wonderful school. I teach a variety of subjects as a co-teacher. This year I teach: 
-US History 2- (11th Grade)
-US History 1- (10th Grade)
-Cultural Interactions (Social Studies)- (7th Grade)
-English 2- (10th Grade)
-Biology 2- (10th Grade)
-Algebra 2- (11th Grade)
If you wish to see information about the classes, Google Classroom is used extensively and there are links above. 
I'm also the Subject Area Coordinator for the Social Studies department and the faculty moderator for: 
-Backstage Crew 
-Social Studies Honor Society 
 The best way to contact me is via email. I intend to respond to all communication within 24 hours. 
Email link: [email protected]