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Because of the small size of our school, the School Counseling Department is able to provide services that many larger schools cannot. Counselors are more accessible to students; they get to know each student quite well and can provide personalized attention lacking in a larger school. Whether the problem is trivial or overwhelming, students know that counselors will expend every effort to help them.

Of course, the School Counseling Department also helps students anticipate and plan for their post-high school lives by providing vocational and educational materials in line with students' special needs or aspirations.

Seniors depend on the guidance department for help in navigating the complex college application process. Each application is given individual supervision and attention, and counselors guide students as they prepare essays, seek out recommendations, and fill out forms. In January, the department offers an informative seminar on financial aid for parents and students. Here, counselors explain the financial aid process and answer any questions parents or students may have. Parents are encouraged to contact the School Counseling Department any time for help with college applications, the federal financial aid application (FAFSA) or any other of the myriad questions that arise as students plan for college.

Students planning on attending college are also are able to take an SAT preparation course, which is usually held on Saturday mornings, as well as the Princeton Review course at no cost to the family. The result has been greater student confidence, and, in many cases, higher test scores.

As early as eighth grade, students visit a variety of college campuses so they can begin to formulate their educational goals and design a plan to help achieve those goals. Counselors plan and take students on trips to visit colleges during each grade level.

School Counselors are very sensitive to the emotional, physical and social development of our students. The "open door" policy of the department creates an atmosphere of trust and understanding for all students.