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Philosophy/ Goals

Philosophy/ Goals

At Weehawken High School, we are committed to a program that provides educational, physical, social, ethical and moral growth for all students with consideration for the needs of the individual student's abilities, talents, and background. Our curricular offerings and varied instructional approaches, combined with our extra-curricular programs, assist and encourage students to develop their full potential and achieve their educational goals while meeting the criteria established by the State of New Jersey. The school also provides the opportunity for interaction and communication that prepares students to take their places as productive and contributing members of society. Our programs foster the students' self-esteem and concomitantly nurture respect for those whose thoughts, customs, and cultures, are at variance with their own. To achieve this goal, we strive to instill in our students the desire to be active citizens. Thus, they will have a voice in what will affect them personally, our future generations, and the position of the United States as a leader within the community of nations.

We understand that the ongoing challenge to achieve a comprehensive and well-rounded educational system is intricate and varied. It should develop from the foundation established in the home by the parents; however, because of the challenging realities of today's society, it is necessary for us to provide a positive attitudinal foundation that will enable our students to be successful in our changing society.

To make this philosophy a reality, we realize that the responsibility for this educational process must be shared. Then planning, goal setting, implementation, and evaluation of programs can be accomplished through the combined efforts and mutual respect of the school board, administration, staff, and student body. Parents and other members of the community are encouraged to participate in this process.

Students who graduate should be able to cope with the ever-changing technological dynamics of the world, which demand inquisitive minds capable of change and adaptation. Weehawken High School is dedicated to the formation of the following objectives:
  • An active citizenry capable of participating intelligently in a democratic society
  • A citizenry skilled in the receptive and expressive arts of communication, vital in the technological world in a new millennium
  • Habits of clear thinking necessary in the separation of fact from fiction in our media-saturated society
  • An opportunity to explore the vocational and avocation needs, aims and interests of each student
  • An awareness of and an appreciation for diverse ethical and moral standards in a world of relative value
  • A sensitivity and appreciation for beauty and creative endeavors in the industrial, fine and performing arts
  • An appreciation and understanding of the individual within the framework of our multi-cultural environment
  • The acquisition of an accurate knowledge of heritage and of its relevance to the world
  • Highest scholastic standards for the school, class and pupil, commensurate with ability
  • Sound physical and mental health necessary for the student in fulfilling individual roles in an active, vigorous, competitive society
  • An understanding of modern technology and the ability to incorporate it in everyday life
  • An appreciation for an active participation in the preservation of our environment