Weehawken High School

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National Honor Society Application

The National Honor Society
Carpe Diem Chapter
Dear Student,
Congratulations! Your continued outstanding academic performance has qualified you to be a candidate for admission to The National Honor Society at Weehawken High School.
As you know, academic average is only one of four aspects considered by the selection committee. The others are character, leadership and service. The criteria listed below are the areas considered by the committee. Please consider carefully these criteria and how they apply to you as you complete the data sheet.


The student must:

A. demonstrate highest standards of honesty and reliability

B. cooperate with school regulations

C. take criticism willingly and accept recommendations graciously

The student must:

A. demonstrate leadership in classroom and organization work

B. demonstrate leadership in promoting school activities

C. successfully hold school offices or positions



The student must:

A. be willing to render any service to the school and community when called upon

B. represent the school in various types of activities

C. work well with others and be willing to take on difficult or inconspicuous responsibilities


In order for the Faculty Council to have a better opportunity to get to know more about you, please fill out the data sheet. Note that you have an opportunity to write as well as to list items and credentials. This form must be returned to

Ms. Abdou by: March 29, 2019. Please refer to the district website for the NHS Rubric and qualifications.


NHS Data Sheet


Safa Abdou