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Welcome to Mr. Fischer's webpage. On this page I will post homework assignments, assignments (quizzes, tests, essays, projects), and the documents (notes and worksheets) from class in case someone has misplaced a document or was absent from class.

Here are some important policies....

* extra credit is available on any assignment
* extra help is available any day before school (7:45 - 8:10) in room 107.
* email is the best way to contact me (bfischer@weehawkenschools.net) or arrange a conference with Ms. Ziek.

Marking Period Grading -

23% Projects and Essays
23% Tests
18% Homework
18% Quizzes
10% Quarterly Exam
8% Participation

Recent Posts

The Wave: Characterization Essay

The Wave: Characterization Essay

     In a short essay, analyze the characterization of Robert Billings.  Characterization should include traits the character exhibited at the beginning of the novel and the growth of the character as the novel has developed .  Form an opinion about the character’s changes and use evidence from the text to support your analysis and opinion (ex - Do you believe the changes are positive or negative? Will the changes last?  Are the changes real? etc).


Be sure to include:

  • a title for your essay
  • a clear thesis statement in the first paragraph
  • a minimum of 3 direct quotes
  • analysis about the character’s changes
  • an opinion/opinions about the character

Homework 11/30

(Due Thursday 12/3) Finish Unit 3 Vocabulary poster.  Also, use each vocabulary word in a sentence that shows its meaning by using context clues.

Homework 11/24

Finish defining the Unit 3 vocabulary words and find each word in the text and copy down the sentence that contains each vocabulary word.

Homework 11/24

Finish reading chapter 1 of The Pearl.  Be prepared to take a quiz about the chapter.  You may use any notes you take during the quiz.

Homework 11/24

Write an original sentence for each vocabulary word that uses context clues to help show the meaning.

Homework - 11/23

  • Finish reading Chapter 1
  • Finish defining the Unit 3 Vocabulary words
  • Find each work in the text and copy the sentence that contains the vocabulary word