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Clubs and Activities

  • Yearbook (The Zenith)- Students get hands-on experience in the print and design of the high school yearbook.  The yearbook will be composed in the classroom as a course and after school as an extracurricular activity.

  • Newspaper (The Indian Ink)-Allows students the opportunity to express their literary creativity, as well as keep their peers apprised of the athletic, academic, and extracurricular goings-on in WHS.  Members work on the lay-out, design and content of each of the quarterly publications.  The newspaper is both a class and an after school as an extracurricular activity.

  • Student Council-Affords students the opportunity to participate in the decision making process of the student body. The Student Council meets regularly with both the staff and the administration in order to best serve their classmates.  It allows students the opportunity to understand how things work, and be involved.

  • Peer Leadership-A wonderful group that affords students the opportunity to give back to their classmates and the community. Peer Leaders meet regularly and volunteer their time not only in other schools in the district, but in the fabric of the community as well.  A great opportunity for our altruistic students, and an opportunity to earn community service hours. 

  • International Club-This club meets several times during the school year to learn about not only the various local cultures but global ones as well. The International Club will organize presentations and host food sampling events where our student body is invited to sample various cuisines. 

  • Mental Health Awareness Club-The intent of this club is to bring awareness to the many mental health issues students struggle with such as anxiety and depression. It will provide a forum for those who suffer from these issues, or look to help those who do.  

  • Bee Club-The Bee Club will center around our own Bee apiary. The students will learn about the bees, their habits and colonies.  We will also harvest the honey the bees produce to be sold in our student dining center.  This will also promote our efforts to improve the environment.

  • Robotics Club-The Robotics Club will design and create new robots and other technological devices.  They will enter their designs into tournaments and compete in Robotics tournaments against other schools.  Students will create and manage engineering  notebooks and establish outreach events,  in addition to challenging other teams. 

  • Science Club-The Science Club meets every week at lunch. The students participate in a variety of activities including discussions on various topics such as global warming, astronomy, the space program, etc.  They also do “fun science” such as turning copper pennies into silver and gold, thermite reactions, potassium dichromate volcano, decomposition of potassium chlorate air pressure, and more! 

  • Black Student Union - The Black Student Union provides a space for open discussion on current and past events and how they offer insight into the Black/African-American experience and community.  Members also will participate in cultural experiences and help organize the Weehawken Township Black History Month Celebration.

  • Musical Theater & Drama Productions-For any student looking to perform, Musical Theater and Drama are an absolute must.  Students meet regularly to collaborate and rehearse and hone their respective crafts. These productions are professionally done, and include all of the elements of a Broadway play not only in performance but right down to the last detail of the sets! The culmination of  will be the School Play and Musical performed to a packed house for not only their families, and friends, but members of the community.

  • Ski Club - Students will get three lift tickets for weekend skiing and snowboarding.  They will be provided breakfast lunch, lift tickets, equipment, and fittings for the incredibly low cost of $25. This is supported by a grant awarded to the Weehawken High School PTO.

  • Social Discourse Club-During Social Disclosure students will debate and discuss current events and issues under the watchful eye of the advisor. This club will afford our students the opportunities to voice and create a healthy relationship and community among peers.  The intent is to generate discussion amongst students with similar or opposing views in a safe environment in order to foster social growth and tolerance. 

For Middle School Students (7 & 8):

  • Kid Witness News-The world’s first and longest running student-produced television news show is right here in W.H.S! Students attend district and town events to record.  With this footage, the students produce a 28 minute show which airs on public access and is posted on the district YouTube. Students are involved in the writing, editing and production of each show.   

  • Junior Math League-Our 7th and 8th grade students get to compete against County and State rivals in mini-Math competitions.  Students are asked a series of math questions, the results of which are gauged against other schools throughout New Jersey.  

  • Junior National Honor Society- The National Junior Honor Society is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding middle level students. More than just an honor roll, NJHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1929.

For High School Students (9-12):

  • Cheerleading- Students will practice routines and cheers daily that they will perform at WHS athletic competitions. Fall cheerleaders will attend all home and away varsity football games, and the winter cheerleaders will attend all boys’ and girls’ home basketball games.  In addition, the team will enter cheerleading competitions. 

  • Academic Team-The Academic Team is comprised of students in grades 9 -12 with an academic average of at least a B. The teams enter various competitions throughout the school year. 

  • Math League-Our WHS students get to compete against county and state rivals in mini-math competitions six times a year.  Students are asked a series of math questions, the results of which are gauged against other schools throughout New Jersey.

  • L.O.T.S. - Students donate their time and make lunch on Tuesdays for the homeless.  The sandwiches will be delivered to a shelter in Hoboken. 

  • Band (Musicians, Color Guard)-WHS Marching Band -The Weehawken High School Marching Band is an award-winning program that supports the performing arts. The marching band performs at many community functions and is a staple at WHS football game halftime shows.

  • High School Chorus - Students will sing at school and community events.

  • Jazz Band-The Weehawken High School Jazz Band is an advanced performing musical ensemble for students who excel in the area of instrumental music. Students work together after school to perform music in various styles of Jazz, Pop and Rock. This performing ensemble may be seen at various New Jersey High School Jazz Festivals and formal school engagements such as the National Honor Society awards dinner and other school and community functions.

  • The Concert Band - This upper-level performing ensemble  performs at festivals, school events, and community events throughout the calendar year.

  • National Honor Society-The Carpe Diem Chapter of the Junior and Senior Honor Society has been chartered as a service organization to school and community. The Junior National Honor Society is comprised of students from grades 7 through 9 and the Senior National Honor Society invites students in grades 10 through 12. Induction to the chapter is based upon the student's cumulative average, as well as evidence of leadership, good character, and service to school and community. All students are reviewed for eligibility in the fall of each new school year

  • Mock Trial-This is an annual competition of county high schools. The purpose is to give high school students the opportunity to participate actively in the American legal process by re-enacting a criminal or civil case in a real courtroom surrounding. This club is a must for anyone interested in pursuing a career in law. 

  • Future Teachers of America-Is an organization that brings together students who are interested in the profession of teaching. The club gives students an opportunity to work with professionals in the field as TA’s or teacher’s assistants. TA’s can grade objective tests, organize and file papers as well as other teaching-related tasks. The goal of the organization is to introduce students to the Educational Profession and prepare them to enter into the field.

  • Future Business Leaders of America - Students will learn about business management and develop community connections.

  • LGBT Alliance-Is a student-run club,  which provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and work to end homophobia and transphobia. Meetings are held monthly.

  • eSports- The eSports club participates in organized competitive video game leagues.  Games include Overwatch, CS:GO, Hearthstone, and more.

  • Climate Club- One of the most prevalent topics in the news today is our environment. The damaging effects of the human lifestyle to our habitat are matters that need to be addressed and reversed. Education is the first and foremost step in the process of rehabilitating the environment. This club will be an interactive environment where students will create a mission statement and spearhead ideas on how to educate the community and themselves on topics that concern them and the world we live in. They will become climate heroes and compassionate citizens.

  • Garden Club- Students will plant and grow foods to be used by the culinary classes.