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What WHS Grads Are Saying

What WHS Grads Are Saying

“After my first week of college, I realized how well the Weehawken education system treated me, especially the Sociology class I took…I was very excited to find out that I was actually way ahead of everyone because a lot of those topics I have heard already…I couldn’t be more grateful now.”
-Jennifer Lin

“Weehawken HS prepared me in ways I could have never imagined! Having written for the WHS newspaper helped me tremendously when I began writing for the Montclarion.”
-Stephanie Agudelo

“The vigorous coursework along with extracurricular involvement at WHS helped me have a balance when it came to being involved in college. I think WHS prepares those who really do want to stand out in college.”
-Jennifer Alfonso

“My public speaking skills and communication skills are great because of the communication flow that WHS provided.”
-Gelsomina Picariello

“The overall teaching at WHS prepared me so well for college. Weehawken taught me discipline and responsibility aside from academics. “
-Eric Gerbehy